Company Training

Company Training

1, to enhance the training of company executives, to enhance the operator's business philosophy, explore new ideas, enhance decision-making ability, the ability to develop strategies and modern management skills.

2, to enhance the training of middle managers in the company, improve the overall quality of managers, improve the knowledge structure, enhance the comprehensive management capabilities, innovation and implementation capacity.

3, strengthen the training company specializing in technical staff to improve the theoretical level of expertise and professional skills, enhance scientific and technological research and development, technological innovation, technological innovation capability.

4. Strengthen the technical level training company operating personnel, and improve the level of business operators and operational skills, empowerment strictly fulfill their responsibilities.

5, strengthen the academic training of employees to improve the scientific and cultural level of personnel at all levels, and enhance the cultural quality of the overall workforce.

6, strengthen the training of managers and staff at all levels of qualification of the industry to accelerate the pace of certificates, to further standardize the management.

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