Common knowledge on the use of fasteners

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Choose appropriate fasteners: Choose the appropriate type and specification of fasteners based on the material, shape, size, and load requirements of the object to be connected. For example, for metal objects, screws or bolts can be chosen; For plastic materials, you can choose plastic screws or self tapping screws.

Pay attention to the direction of the screws: some screws need to be tightened clockwise, while others need to be tightened counterclockwise. During installation, pay attention to the direction of the screws and tighten them according to the specified direction.

The use of washers: Washers can increase contact area, reduce pressure, and prevent screw head wear. When tightening screws, the washer should be placed under the screw head.

Avoid over tightening: Over tightening can cause screws or bolts to break or slip. Therefore, when tightening, appropriate torque should be used and the specified tightening sequence should be followed.

Regular inspection of fasteners: Regularly inspect fasteners for looseness or damage, especially for areas that are frequently subjected to vibration or impact, and promptly identify and address issues.