How Fastener Companies Embrace "Internet +"

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"Made in China 2025", proposed by Premier Keqiang in May 2015, is not only the development program of the first industrial media, but also the development program of China's manufacturing industry in the next ten years. Of course, China’s manufacturing industry must have an in-depth interpretation of the directions and methods in the past ten years, which is crucial to the development of enterprises.

"Made in China 2025" is similar to Germany's Industry 4.0, and the US Industrial Internet has its own differences. Its core is "intelligent manufacturing." When it comes to intelligent manufacturing, we must understand the "Internet +". As a fastener industry, how does it + the Internet?

Made in China 2025

What is Internet+ is a national strategy: According to the First Industry Network News: Premier Li Keqiang proposed the concept of "Internet+" in the 2015 "Government Work Report"; President Xi also proposed as early as when he inspected Tencent in 2012: Now Mankind has entered a new era of the Internet, and the Internet will play a huge role in promoting the development of human life, production, and productivity.

How to interpret: "Internet+" means to deeply integrate the innovative achievements of the Internet with various economic and social fields, promote technology and production efficiency, and enhance the real economy.

"+" is what to add: + is ∞, it is infinity, but also acceleration, through the Internet, cloud computing, big data, secure cloud library, Internet of Things, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, Energy Internet... to achieve cross-border integration.